Struggling with fertility can sometimes have a negative effect on your relationship and specifically intimacy.

While for many, experiencing fertility problems will bring a couple closer together, others will find it difficult to maintain or recover intimacy within their relationship.

While struggling with fertility issues, couples typically spend month after month trying to conceive naturally with temperature charts and ovulation kits to predict the right time. What used to be a tender and passionate time for you to express your love for each other may have turned into a performance tied to dates, charts and temperatures. Now you are parents and it can be incredibly difficult to get that intimacy back on track.

Many couples with young children may not have had regular quality, intimate time together. Between the years of trying to conceive and the exhaustion from being a new parent, sex and intimacy becomes very low-down on the to-do list.

Possibly this is a side effect of fertility problems and their treatment – to become totally focused on a positive pregnancy test and the birth of a baby. There is a lot of focus on the emotional effects of fertility problems before success, but what about what happens to couples in the rest of their lives? It’s important to try and remember that you have been on this journey together, keep communicating and make time when you can just to be together as a couple.