Croydon decommissions NHS IVF

Croydon is stopping NHS IVF - despite overwhelmingly public opposition

Croydon clinical commissioning group (CCG) has announced it will no longer fund NHS fertility services (apart from in unspecified exceptional clinical circumstances); the decision is effective from 14 March.

The news came despite overwhelmingly public support to keep the 1 NHS IVF cycle Croydon offered – 77% of respondents to Croydon’s consultation wanted to save the service.

Croydon couples who are already undergoing NHS IVF, those who have already had their funding approved and those couples whose routine applications had been received by the CCG by 14 March 2017 and who had been found to meet the previous criteria for IVF will continue to receive their treatment.

Croydon CCG said it will look again at NHS funding for IVF in twelve months’ time.

If you are affected by this decision, please join our day of action. On Saturday 25 March 2017, Fertility Network UK is asking everyone affected by the unfair rationing of NHS fertility services to take action. There are three ways you can help:

  1. tell your MP: inform them of your situation and what is happening in your area; a template letter is below and MP’s contacts details are available at
  2. tweet your support and a pic using the hashtags #IVFx3  #TellyourMP #Therighttotry
  3. help us create a fertility funding Thunderclap – a social media message sent collectively – on Facebook, Twitter and tumblr on Saturday 25 March at 3pm. Register your support for the Thunderclap at

If you would like to be a media volunteer on this issue, email Catherine Hill at