Stricter access criteria for NHS IVF in Richmond

From 1 Aug 2017, Richmond CCG is introducing tighter access criteria for NHS IVF, while continuing to offer 1 partial NHS-funded IVF cycle for women under 40

From 1 Aug 2017, Richmond clinical commissioning (CCG) is introducing stricter  criteria for access to NHS IVF.

Richmond CCG currently offers just one partial NHS fertility treatment cycle (one fresh cycle and up to two frozen transfers) for women under 40 .

From 1 August 2017, women under 40 will only be eligible for this single partial treatment cycle if

i) they have not previously self-funded any IVF cycles, and

ii) they have a clinically acceptable anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) level; that is, the CCG will ‘reduce access to people with an AMH level of  less than 5.4pmol/l’.

The CCG says it has introduced this new AMH level criterion because a woman’s AMH level ‘is an indicator of fertility and below this level [5.4pmol/l] there is less likelihood of success’.

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