Mild ovarian stimulation for IVF by Geeta Nargund, Create Fertility

An excerpt from an article on Mild IVF by Geeta Nargund of Create Fertility, one of Fertility Network’s Partners.

“Mild ovarian stimulation for IVF is the smartest way forward

The aim of IVF treatment is to achieve a healthy full-term baby, with minimal health risks to the woman and her child, and at reasonable cost to allow this treatment option to be within financial reach for many women around the world. Ovarian stimulation – which contributes a considerable proportion of the overall cost of IVF – aims to generate multiple follicle development, allowing for the retrieval of multiple oocytes to improve success rates. Complex ovarian stimulation regimens have become an integral part of most IVF programmes. However, after nearly four decades of experience in developing and evaluating numerous strategies for ovarian stimulation (Macklon et al., 2006), controversy continues concerning the optimal number of oocytes to be retrieved, and whether ‘more is better’ or ‘less is more’. It is widely acknowledged that the duration and extent of ovarian stimulation, the need for intensive monitoring and related frequent clinic visits, the avoidance of treatment complications such as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), overall cost and achieving better health outcomes for mother and baby, are all crucial considerations for both patients and society.”

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