Research showed that…

… there are three important tasks that help most people come to terms with their unmet desire for children: making meaning of their experience, developing acceptance of their reality, and refocusing life on other fulfilling goals

Actively engaging with these will help you to adjust and renew your sense of hope towards the future. Over the next couple of months we invite you to follow this activity-based step-by-step journey towards creating a fulfilling life beyond pain and grief.

Click on the links below to know more about why these tasks are helpful and to do the activities linked with each of them. You should reserve at least 30 minutes for each activity, but they can take as long as you wish them to. You and your partner may choose to come together at the end of each activity and share your feelings and experiences, but you can also do it on your own. Some activities also ask you to engage with them on a more regular basis. This is about taking small everyday steps that will map your present and future journey.





Pursuing other meaningful life goals

1 Be kind to yourself
2 Begin to heal
3 Look for light in the darkness
4 Reconnect with the things you enjoy
5 Find what is important to you
6 Make your plan
7 Commit to your plan
8 Bring it all together


If you have queries or you need additional support regarding these activities please email I will try to reply within a 3-day period and will keep strictly confidential any information you provide me with.

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