Fresh hope for fertility patients in South Norfolk

South Norfolk CCG to reinstate NHS IVF from 1 April 2019

Sarah Norcross, co-chair of campaign group Fertility Fairness, said: ‘The news that South Norfolk clinical commissioning group (CCG) is reinstating NHS IVF from 1 April 2019 will give immense hope to fertility patients in South Norfolk. Clinically eligible women under the age of 40 will now be able to access two IVF cycles; although this is still less than the recommended number of three full IVF cycles, it is a massive step in the right direction.’
Aileen Feeney, co-chair of Fertility Fairness and chief executive of patient charity Fertility Network, said: ‘What we want to see now is more CCGs recognising that removing or reducing the number of NHS IVF cycles they offer is an economically short-sighted move which also ignores the devastating impact of infertility – physically, emotionally, socially and financially. For people with fertility problems, three full cycles of IVF offers the best possible chance of success; that is why the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence recommends three full IVF cycles for women under 40.