Webinar – Why Changes To Fertility Regulations Matter To You 

27 Mar 2023

Monday, 27th March at 7pm

An opportunity to understand and share your views on the HFEA’s proposed changes to Fertility Law. With Peter Thompson from the HFEA.

The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Act (HFE Act), the law that governs fertility treatment and human embryo research in the UK, is over 30 years old and while medicine, science and society have moved on, the HFEA say the law itself has largely stood still. As a result, the law doesn’t reflect modern fertility practice and is inflexible in responding to scientific innovation.

In response to this the HFEA have opened consultations which aims to put patients at the heart of fertility law. This session will be looking at what this consultation is about, why it is happening, what it means to patients and how you can get involved

Found out more here: Fertility law needs modernising, says UK regulator | HFEA

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