Visions of reproduction: The making and meaning of reproductive imaging

12 Nov 2020

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London, in partnership with The Fertility Podcast, are organising an online conversation on 12 November 2020 where historians, artists and sociologists explore the social life of images in the context of infertility, conception and pregnancy.

From being veiled in mystery, the interior body has been revealed by a variety of visualising techniques. Ultrasound scans and images of embryos have long left the lab and are increasingly appearing in the news, in commercial advertising, in classrooms, in family photo albums and on social media. They pose ever new questions about how reproductive events are known and experienced. In this panel, historians, artists, and sociologists explore the meaning, making and circulation of biomedical and artistic representations of reproduction and discuss how images emerge from particular social, cultural, and historical contexts.

Natalie Silverman, founder of The Fertility Podcast, will moderate the conversation. There will be an opportunity for the audience to write questions to the speakers.

This event is funded by Wellcome Trust.

This event is part of the series ‘Navigating New Worlds’ organised by Queen Mary, University of London in Being Human Festival 2020 New Worlds: