Parents After Infertility Group

17 Jun 2019 Slug & Lettuce Sutton, High Street, Sutton, UK

Come along to our new group for Parents who have had their babies/children through assisted conception. If you thought you’d breathe a sigh of relief after completing your family after years of infertility and/or enduring rounds of IVF/ICSI but haven’t found it as simple as that then this group could be of interest and benefit to you.

Whether you had your children years ago or recently or whether you are male or female you are very welcome to come along and meet other people in similar boats to you. This group will talk about the challenges of life after infertility and discover if there are any delights that can be found too.

We will meet in a specially reserved section at the back of the pub so we can talk freely and I’ve been promised it won’t be loud so we can hear each other!

Please feel free to invite anyone else you know who this applies to.

To sign up then please email Kirsty at The meeting will start at 8pm.