Bourn Hall Virtual Fertility Fair: Your Fertility Roadmap 

10 Apr 2021

Bourn Hall Virtual Fertility Fair: Your Fertility Roadmap 

Saturday April 10  

11am-1pm (with browsing from April 7) 

For many, lockdown has created a roadblock in their fertility journey. Now, as the road ahead begins to clear Bourn Hall’s Virtual Fertility Fair aims to put you firmly back on track – helping you to move up a gear and navigate your way towards your desired destination of pregnancy and a family. 

If you have been struggling to conceive for over a year, are awaiting a diagnosis – or you have already been told that you need fertility treatment – then this event is for you. 

Bourn Hall’s Fertility Fair will offer a selection of stalls covering various stages in the fertility journey. On 10 April you will have the opportunity to chat to fertility nurses and specialists and to members of Bourn Hall’s patient services team. A nutritionist will be available to advise on ways to improve your fertility health or reduce your BMI. And there will be people to guide you through the NHS pathway and the options you have if you are funding your own treatment. 

To give you time for this interactive session and to access a range of resources and videos Bourn Hall is opening the Fair for browsing from Wednesday 7 April. To register for the event go to Bourn Hall Virtual Fertility Fair – Bourn Hall Clinic