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CARE Fertility and Fertility Network UK

CARE Fertility is proud to be partnered with Fertility Network UK with The Patient Pledge to ensure the very best support is offered to patients and their partners. CARE Fertility offers a range of support, including regular online Support Groups and CARE Buddy for peer-to-peer support from another patient at a similar stage of treatment so you can support and advise each other. Find out more about Support at CARE.

CARE Fertility Tunbridge Wells’ Fertility Circle is a support group for everyone – not just our patients – wanting help and support on their fertility journey. We very much hope that Fertility Circle will resume as a monthly face-to-face get-together when it’s safe to do so, but for now, we are posting monthly Newsletters with useful links and resources around themed topics every month on our webpage Fertility Clinic Tunbridge Wells | CARE Fertility and also on the CARE Tunbridge Wells Facebook page.

You can read our full schedule for our 2021 Fertility Circle Newsletter, including the theme for each month, by clicking here.


For more information, contact Jan Reece at CARE Fertility Tunbridge Wells

Email Jan.Reece@carefertility.com



Now is a time to look forward and embrace 2021 and getting ready to become a parent with optimism and renewed energy.

Preparing and planning to start your fertility journey also needs to remember the need for quality support and CARE’s Buddy Support programme offers peer-to-peer support.

CARE Tunbridge Wells is also excited to launch Buddy Ambassador, an extension of Buddy Support. We are calling for anyone who has had fertility treatment to volunteer as a Buddy Ambassador to help other patients gain from their insights and learning.



VALENTINE’S DAY … the best gift: who needs egg donors; who needs sperm donors … the process

Highlighting the work of Donor Conception Network, a supportive network of more than 2,000 (mainly UK-based) families with children conceived with donated sperm, eggs or embryos, those considering or undergoing donor conception procedures, and donor-conceived people.

MARCH 2021


Looking at how the use of alternative therapies can help with the stress of a busy lifestyle and juggling work/life schedules and fertility treatment.


APRIL 2021


It’s always been difficult to know when to start a family when you’re keen to make headway in a career or if you’re unsure about finances. Fertility preservation can be an option here: CARE Tunbridge Wells can offer egg freezing, our Egg Safe programme, sperm freezing. No matter what age you are, it’s good to check your fertility status so you’re better able to make these choices and our Fertility Assessments offer a check on ovarian reserve, a scan, BMI, blood pressure and medical history to give you the choice of whether to pursue treatment now or opt to have fertility preservation for future treatment.