Be kind to yourself this Mother’s Day

For anyone in the fertility community Mother’s Day can be one of the most agonising days of the year. You can be bombarded with Mother’s Day posts on social media, as well as adverts on television and cards in shops even in the weeks coming up to this Sunday.

No matter whether you are going through fertility treatment and have not become the mother you wish to be yet, have accepted a life without children not by choice, or even have become a parent through gruelling IVF treatment after years of dealing with infertility, Mother’s Day can have a painful affect on us all.

Whether your response to Mother’s Day is to turn off all social media and hide from the outside world or treat yourself and your partner to a day of relaxation, the most important thing to remember is to be nice to yourself on this day. It may be impossible to avoid the emotional distress of not being able to have what you’ve always wanted, so the least you can do for yourself is to do the things that make you happy and spend it with those that you love.

At whatever stage in your journey to motherhood, whether you are still on this path or have accepted its end, this is a day for self-celebration. You have been through a lot and have made it here. Your resilience and strength is something to be celebrated. Use this day to spoil yourself in whatever way you like, whilst also allowing yourself to grieve too. It is okay to remember what you have lost.

Mother’s Day is not only a day to honour mums, but it is also a tribute to maternal bonds. Another way to celebrate is to spend time with those who you consider mother figures. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a family member, it can be a close friend or someone you admire. Take this opportunity to cherish your loved ones and celebrate each other. Be kind to each other and be kind to yourself.