Understanding Fertility: A news-style programme from Fertility Network, ITN Productions and British Fertility Society

Look out for Understanding Fertility, a news-style programme launching during Fertility Week 2022

Fertility Network UK, British Fertility Society and ITN Productions Industry News are co-producing ‘Understanding Fertility’ a news-style programme highlighting why fertility matters. It will launch during National Fertility Awareness Week 2022.

Fertility isn’t something to take for granted. Over 3.5 million people in the UK are facing fertility issues for many different reasons[1].  Anchored by an ITN Productions presenter from ITN London Studios, “Understanding Fertility” will give clear and informative advice about fertility and will address the stigma and common misconceptions surrounding the subject. 

Tackling the taboo subject of male fertility and inequalities of access to help, the programme will also delve into the latest technological advancements and innovations in fertility science. The programme will also shine a spotlight on fertility and the workplace, showcasing the leading organisations who are supporting their employees on their fertility journey.

‘Understanding Fertility’ will combine key sector interviews, news items and reporter led sponsored editorial profiles and will premiere during National Fertility Week in November 2022. The programme will form part of an extensive communications campaign featuring British Fertility Society, Fertility UK and ITN Productions.

Gwenda Burns, Chief Executive of Fertility Network UK said: “Fertility is humankind’s most precious asset: it brings the greatest joy into our lives but, sadly, far too many people experience the pain of its flipside, infertility. Fertility technologies are also a proud part of our heritage: IVF was pioneered in the UK, so what a fantastic opportunity, working with ITN Productions and the British Fertility Society to showcase during National Fertility Awareness Week where fertility change desperately needs to happen, where awe-inspiring progress is making dreams come true and to tackle the many myths and taboos around this most important topic.’

Dr Raj Mathur, Chair of the British Fertility Society said: “Infertility can blight the lives of individuals and couples. As professionals looking after people with fertility problems we see daily the effects of poor funding, negative perceptions and social stigma on our patients. Working with our partners in Fertility Network UK and ITN Productions, we aim to change this narrative. We hope this initiative will promote awareness and knowledge, both about how individuals can protect their fertility and how those affected with infertility can get excellent, science-based clinical care.”

Nina Harrison-Bell, head of Industry News, ITN Productions Industry News said: “We are delighted to partner with British Fertility Society and Fertility Network UK to create a programme that raises awareness of the importance of fertility education. We hope we will provide a platform to address existing stigma, help shift perceptions and narrative in the workplace and offer some practical guidance for young people to help protect their future fertility.”

If you are an organisation who is doing positive work in fertility and wants to participate please contact James Linden, Head Programming Director, Industry News at ITN Productions, on 07799 415 413 or James.Linden@itn.co.uk

[1] .https://www.britishfertilitysociety.org.uk/