Access to NHS funding in England varies according to your postcode with the number of cycles and access criteria being determined by the local CCG.

The updated NICE Clinical Fertility Guideline published on the 20th February 2013 recommends that women aged up to and including 39 should access three full cycles of IVF treatment; it also recommends that women aged between 40 and 42 who have never had IVF treatment and who do not have a low ovarian reserve should be able to access one full cycle of IVF. However in reality this is only a guideline and is not mandatory in England. This is despite the fact that in October 2014 NICE published a new Quality Standard and called for an end to the postcode lottery of IVF treatment in England. Recent statistics produced by Fertility Fairness has shown that over 80% of CCGs fail to provide the recommended cycles.

Nice Guideline

Quality Standard

If you are struggling to access NHS treatment, have been told you are not eligible by your GP or clinic, you can write to your CCG to appeal against the decision. You can find your CCG and check their criteria using the links below.

Find my CCG – the link will take you to a map of all the CCGs. Zoom in and find the area in which your GP is situated, as it is their location which determines your CCG not the location of your home, and then click on the map – this will give you the name of your CCG.

What does my CCG fund? – Find out exactly what is funded by your CCG on the Fertility Fairness website.

We have also written some template letters which you may find helpful and which you can personalise to suit your circumstances. You could also copy your letter to your MP or write separately to him/her – visit our campaign section for more details of our campaign for fairer access to NHS fertility treatment.

Template letter to CCG to request funding

Template letter to CCG to appeal following refusal of funding

NHS Funding for those in the Armed Forces

If you or your partner are a member of the Armed Forces, a separate policy applies to you.

Armed Forces Policy