Fertility struggles puts an enormous strain on intimate relationships; here's some help for negotiating the way forwards together.

Negotiating this new stage in your relationship together is key. Facing childlessness may evoke different responses from both of you and it is important to remember that you are different people and there is no one way to deal with the life crisis of involuntary childlessness.

It may be that your sexual relationship has suffered. For years you may have been making love together as and when temperature charts and ovulation kits predicted. What used to be a tender and passionate time for the pair of you to express your love for each other may have turned into a performance tied to dates, charts and temperatures.

You still love each other; so trying to rekindle sexual passion and excitement can be a way to move forwards and re-establish your relationship on its new footing. Your togetherness is what is unique and priceless, and it’s vital to try to enjoy the special intimate relationship the two of you have together.

Working together to explore what your joint life can hold; what you would like to explore as a couple is another way of moving forwards. Take time to decide on your plans for the future.