by Professor Robert F Harrison

This book states that ‘it is the smart companion that any couple seeking help for possible infertility can turn to for advice about who and what will be most appropriate for them’.

It has chapters discussing conception to birth, male and female infertility factors through to the current treatment options.  The author of this book is extremely qualified to write it, but I found that for me the book was not meant for couples struggling with infertility.  It is very factual with lots of statistics and would be a great book for health care professionals working in the fertility clinic settings.  A couple who likes research and references may also find it a good read.

I am on my third ICSCI cycle at the moment and this book did not tell me anything that I didn’t already know or wanted to know.

If you are looking for advice on how to cope with treatment, 2 week wait, etc this book will disappoint.