by Lesley Pyne

Inspiring Stories to Guide You to a Fulfilling Life.

For so many, being childless by circumstance means that true feelings of grief and disappointment have been denied or locked away to survive everyday life. This book, aims to make readers face up to those locked away feelings in order to become who they truly want to be and therefore experience fulfilment.

 The name of the three main sections of the book brings relevance to the significance of the butterfly image; call to life, finding your wings and learning to fly. All three sections include frank accounts from many women who have faced up to their childlessness.

Call to life explores how the reader can own their story and pain to get ready for moving on to new patterns in life. Finding your wings facilitates an uncomfortable transformation by nudging the reader to apply change at their own pace after reading about the experiences of those who have managed it before. Learning to fly aims to support the reader in becoming comfortable with themself as they move forward.

 Readers should be prepared to choose how to engage with suggested end of chapter writing activities. These can be completed quickly or given more personal commitment to achieve a deeper level of self-analysis.

 This book will resonate with many because it does not isolate the grief of childlessness from other painful experiences in life. It is challenging, thought provoking and has a clear positivity running throughout that may empower many. It urges readers to face up to their situation and be ready to move on.

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