EggDonationFriends is an online platform created for fertility patients interested in IVF with donor eggs or surrogacy. Its purpose is to assist patients in making well-informed decisions when selecting fertility treatment abroad. Our services are free and always will be. The website has come to life as an original project of three patients who had undergone IVF with donor eggs abroad. EggDonationFriends advocate total transparency about the process of IVF treatment and clinics offering such services. is a one-stop-shop for:

  • finding the right clinic for your needs – Clinic Matching Test™ allows you to find an IVF centre that matches  your budget and expectations,
  • comparing clinics’ offers – Best Egg Donation Clinics Ranking™ delivers transparent data from 44 countries and 409 IVF centres,
  • learning more about treatment options, the IVF process, procedures involved – NEWS
  • interactive #IVFWebinars™ with doctors and fertility experts where you can ask your own questions,
  • detailed clinic profiles – Smart Clinic Profile™. Information packed clinic profiles can help you make well-informed decision when choosing a clinic.
  • direct online contact with our consultants  – our LiveChat™ is open 16 hours a day. Chat with us – we will be happy to help.