by Jo Johnson

Jo Johnson is a fertility nurse, mother and writer and as such is in a good place to write this much needed book on the experience of becoming a parent from preconception to birth and beyond.

The book is one of a series of books designed to provide information on a range of topics from bullying to university with everything in between. And as such I think provides a good first stop for finding out more on given topics.

Chapters one to five focus specifically on the experience of older pregnancy covering a wide range of topics. There is useful information here on declining fertility, how best to help yourself achieve pregnancy and what to expect when you do get pregnant. I especially liked chapter four’s focus on the positive aspects of waiting until later, for example, financial security and being more settled in life.

However, for those of a slightly nervous disposition there was perhaps too much information on all that could potentially go wrong too, and could actually add to anxiety rather than help.

Chapter’s six through to ten focus on pregnancy from a more generalised perspective, the basics of early pregnancy, how to prepare for birth, etc. I would have liked to see these discussed again from a more specific point of view of someone in an older age bracket however, as the information at this point was quite general.

Finally there are some useful thoughts on post birth, tiredness and readjusting to this new life that I think people would find helpful. Especially acknowledging that people may also be insensitive towards older mothers in assuming them to be too old to be the actual parent.

Overall I found this a useful first step for people interested in pregnancy and the first few chapters especially helpful; however I felt the book could have been more integrated in dealing with the issue throughout the book and exploring some of the themes in a little more depth.