By Mike Butcher

I was asked to review this as an adoptive dad to see if I would recommend it to others considering adoption. My wife Tracey and I adopted our sons eight years ago now so I wasn’t too keen to read a book that might bring up ‘stuff’, but now I have, I’m pleased I did and wish I’d had something like this to read when we were still going through treatment.

I have read (some willingly and some not) quite a few books about infertility, adoption and parenting and found this to be a really easy read. Quite manageable in a long weekend and not too heavy going as you know the outcome is going to be okay. Tracey thought it would be helpful for everyone, as being able to read a man’s perspective on the journey through infertility and on to adoption is interesting and even if you can’t quite encourage your partner to read the book, there are parts which are easy to share and conversation provoking.

If you’re at the start of your infertility treatment and feeling overwhelmed, or like I was, spending a lot of time trying to develop ostrich head burying instincts, then I think this book shows you do get through incredibly difficult times and that there are genuine alternatives. As an adoptive parent with my ‘adoption is the easy answer’ rose coloured spectacles removed,

I’d recommend this alongside a honest account of parenting after adoption like the British Association for Adoption and Fostering “Adoption Experience” book so you can find out more about what you’re up for if you do consider adoption. I’d suggest this book to anyone of any age to read at any stage of infertility treatment and to share with friends and family, giving an idea of what you’ve been through to reach your decision.