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Fertility benefits: the missing piece of the health and wellbeing puzzle

Evidence and peer-based research from Fertifa. Following our survey in June that 96% of employers will place more focus on employee health and wellbeing as a result of the pandemic, it has been widely acknowledged that now is a perfect opportunity for businesses to review their existing health and wellbeing…

Coping with Other People’s Pregnancy Announcements

One of our staff members starts off our Expert Column series, speaking from their personal experience of coping with pregnancy announcements while trying to conceive.

Ready for treatment, delayed by COVID

Delayed medical treatments and procedures have been a major cause for concern during the COVID-19 pandemic. This uncertainty adds more stress to already emotional experiences like IVF treatments. Fertility Network has been supporting patients with infertility issues during this time, many of whom worry that their chances of conceiving worsen with each month of delayed treatment.

In June 2020, we invited women to share their experiences and frustrations with the current situation.

New findings show no benefit of ‘scratch’ for first time IVF rounds

‘Gold standard’ study shows no statistical difference in live birth and pregnancy rates in women under 38 who had endometrial scratch before first IVF or ICSI (intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection) treatment compared to those who only received conventional treatment.

Mild ovarian stimulation for IVF by Geeta Nargund, Create Fertility

An excerpt from an article on Mild IVF by Geeta Nargund of Create Fertility, one of Fertility Network's Partners. "Mild ovarian stimulation for IVF is the smartest way forward The aim of IVF treatment is to achieve a healthy full-term baby, with minimal health risks to the woman and her…

Anya chats to Adoption UK

Our lovely Anya Sizer was invited to chat to Adoption UK to talk about her experiences of Fertility Treatment and Adoption. If you'd like more information about Adoption, head to the Adoption UK website.

Middlesex University Study: Covid19 and Paused Treatments

Fertility Network have partnered with Middlesex University to support their research into how those who have had treatment paused, due to Covid19, have been affected. The COVID-19 outbreak is an incredibly difficult time for people who were due to embark on fertility treatment or who were already having treatment, leading…

Are you signed up to the #twopointsixchallenge?

Have you signed up for the #TwopointsixChallenge?! To help Fertility Network and other charities through this summer there's something BIG taking place! And we'd love you to be a part of it. Instead of the London Marathon on the 26th April, you can start your own 2.6 challenge - whatever…

Covid-19 Your FET Questions Answered

Questions and Answers 1. Will a frozen embryo transfer be as successful as a fresh cycle and does this depend on your age? The chances of success with frozen embryos are very similar to fresh embryos and that is related to the woman’s age at the time of collecting the…


In April 2020, the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic caused a temporary closure of all UK fertility clinics. As from 11th May 2020 clinics had to apply to the HFEA to recommence treatments but must ensure that they provide a safe service for patients, and a safe working environment for clinic staff.…

Your Fertility Treatment and Covid-19

Covid-19 has caused stress and sadness for so many couples. It's a very difficult time for people who are already facing hardship and uncertainty. In this video, Angela Pericleous-Smith, BICA Specialist fertility counsellor, offers advice and ways to cope in this difficult time.  

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Fertility Network UK understand that the current situation with Coronavirus (Covid 19) is stressful and confusing for everyone, especially couples who are trying to conceive and undergoing fertility treatment. Our support lines are open and we are encouraging support groups to move online for the time being.  Our support line…

Thinking about adoption?

Buckinghamshire County Council’s Adoption service launches adoption application toolkit to give all the facts

It’s time to end the IVF postcode lottery

The postcode lottery is cruel and unjust. Access to fertility treatment should be dependent on your medical need, not your postcode or pay packet.

This Beautiful Little Shop

It was great to support this initiative encouraging men to talk more openly about mental health #MenMatter

Nine fertility facts you should know – global experts launch fertility campaign to dispel common reproductive myths

Poster campaign launched to promote the need for improved fertility education, as future family plans can benefit from knowing important facts about fertility

Disbelief as couple’s IVF petition shelved due to upcoming general election

A couple from Abingdon say they're shocked that their petition to Parliament to raise awareness over IVF treatment has been shelved, due to the coming general election. Ben and Emily Scott have been campaigning against what they call an "IVF postcode lottery" but now have a new fight on their…

PET launches egg freezing #ExtendTheLimit campaign

The Progress Educational Trust (PET) has launched its #ExtendTheLimit campaign, asking the UK public to sign an online petition requiring Parliament to address the law on egg freezing time limits (see BioNews 1021). Current legislation only permits women to store frozen eggs for a maximum of ten years, unless they have medically certified premature infertility.…

Exciting news for Fertility Network Wales…

Amazing news for Fertility Network Wales, and for the rest of our community.

Have your say on Stockport CCG

Have your say and help save IVF in Stockport. Complete the online survey before 20 Oct 19 to register your views on Stockport CCG either cutting the number of IVF cycles it offers from 2 to 1 or removing NHS IVF completely.  Please click here to complete the survey