At More to Life we aim to help those living without children create new life pathways to a purposeful and fulfilled existence. We support those who need a helping hand to move beyond natural grief to appreciate and enjoy their life.

This fulfilled existence can range from simply indulging in more hobby time or volunteering for a passionate cause to taking on entirely new life patterns. Everyone must decide what is uniquely right for them. We believe that by looking for ways to create new pathways #LivingProofMTL is being lived out.

We believe Sarah is #LivingProofMTL and we hope that her story inspires others.


Three years ago Sarah found out, after a year of gruelling tests and scans, that her expectation of motherhood would not be realised. Her infertility was caused by a significant internal infection many years before, during emergency appendix surgery.

She had to search for her ‘More to Life’ to challenge the devastation and sadness she felt at this news of her childless life.

So Sarah set about redefining her life. She boosted her mood, her confidence and her creativity by setting herself a fitness goal. She invested in a road bike and started pedalling. This created a renewed sense of energy, determination and before she knew it she had signed up to complete a 370 mile cycle challenge from London to Paris. She overcame her moments of anxiety, confusion and fear by engaging her enormous capacity to act and adapt to the excitement for this new life path.

From April to September, MTL followed Sarah’s progress as she undertook training for this arduous challenge, celebrating every milestone, bruise cut and bump along the way with her. She signed up to a fabulous local ladies cycling group ‘Bella Velo’ who spurred her on, giving much social support and encouragement. She also asked friends, family and the MTL community for donations – putting £1998.18  worth of pressure on herself to succeed. On the 18th September 2019, Sarah tenaciously set out on her challenge. We are pleased to report she pedalled every single mile of her challenge, achieving her goal by arriving in Paris 4 days later. Sarah is #LivingProofMTL.

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