by Alisa Vitti

Woman Code is such a great book for those of us who suffer with bad periods, PCOS and as a result finding we have fertility struggles. Reading and reviewing this book I now feel more capable and confident in being able to help, control and possibly cure or keep at bay, quite a few symptoms.

Alsia herself had PCOS and used her research to help with her symptoms rather than going down the medical route. I have been slowly implementing the advice given on which foods to eat to help improve symptoms and to lose weight more naturally which is a bad trait of PCOS.  The book’s really helpful as it gives quite a few menu ideas and encourages the eating and cooking of good foods which I have felt better for trying. It goes through each stage of your cycle looking at each one separately and what types of things to do in each phase to help, also looking at the endocrine system and what can help your hormones and blood sugar levels.  Alisa also lists her medicine cabinet ideas that I found really helpful, listing natural things which I didn’t know could have the remedy properties to help.  I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting to look at self-help alongside IVF or to try before you decide to go down that route.