by Keily J Adey

The Gift of Life is the story of Keily Adey written as she struggled with infertility. It is a quick and easy read with short diary entries and a chatty, informal writing style, perfect to pick up when you have a spare moment.

The book begins in April 2008 and covers the four years that follow, charting Keily and her husband Paul’s journey through miscarriage, IVF and natural conception to create their family.

Everyone’s infertility story is different, but there are certainly parts of Keily’s that will strike a chord with every reader. Bravely, I think, she has not edited the early diary entries to give her younger self the wisdom of experience, so you hear all her worries about what having twins would do to her figure when she is contemplating whether to use one or two embryos, changing within weeks to the hope that both her embryos have implanted.

Keily writes well about the feelings of unfairness tied up with miscarriage and fertility treatments, and the thoughtless comments in strangers’ conversations which touch raw nerves. Anyone who has been through fertility treatment will probably not learn anything new about the technical side of IVF from her story, but it would give someone who wanted to understand infertility a truly eye-opening picture of what some people have to go through to achieve what others manage easily. And for those who have been there, done that and got the baby grows, it is a wistful reminder of what it felt like at the time on the road to achieving their dream.