by Anne-Marie Scully

This struck me as the Bridget Jones Diary of the IVF literature.  Anne Tel’s story is told across seven years and, reminiscent of Bridget Jones, it has the reader laughing and, at times, shedding tears at the challenges and experiences she encounters in life. However, this heroine’s story transforms from a fun dating and romance journal into an inspiring record of her long IVF journey. Her treatment is described mostly from her emotional experience; the repeated raised hopes and following disappointments.

Anne’s book emphasises the game of chance that IVF treatment is; as a reader you are routing for her, but success always seems just out of her grasp. Despite her disappointment Anne serves as a wonderful role model to others on the journey as she maintains her love for life and travel, as she battles to achieve her lifelong goal of becoming a mother.

Anne is a likable, strong and courageous woman; she enviably maintains happiness and romantic love in the face of an adversity that all of you on your fertility journey will know well and her story is a pleasure to read. Whilst Anne’s book is a personal story of infertility, it is far more than this; it is a love story; a travel journal and ultimately an inspiration.