by Ann Bracken

I think every woman going through their personal journey of fertility has heard the phrase, ‘stay positive’, which can prove to be a difficult concept to practice amidst the stress and plethora of clinical considerations that you are forever trying to implement.

I think this book allows you to find that practical method to actually allow your mind and body to feel positive and stay positive when you need it the most, especially with all the common stresses associated with infertility.

This book actually sets you up to implement mindfulness and allows the interface between science and wellbeing to flow so easily. I feel each approach or method explained allows you to integrate this approach into your lifestyle and soon it becomes the holy shrine of peacefulness within you that helps immensely on days where scientifically things seems to be against you.

The proof that staying in this state actually allows you to cope and perhaps change your reality with your directed thoughts, offers you a hug of hope that really takes the edge off the darkness in difficult times.

Ann Bracken addresses the emotional aspect of this journey, but is also very factually and scientifically informative. I really am impressed by this approach, as I feel not many authors can express that interface between psychological and physiological experience as well as Ann.

She also goes through a wide array of complementary methods to boost fertility, everything from yoga, exercise and breathing, to acupuncture, naturopathy, aromatherapy and supplementation using vitamins. I think every woman has questions they need answered, for how many other things can they possibly do to assist themselves to a positive outcome.

Overall, I found myself thinking differently, but also feeling differently and actually believing in what I was doing. Maybe even stepping on the taboo of actually embracing my journey. I truly believe in Ann, with all her experience in counselling and behavioural science. I feel she can reach out to many women and offer that ‘hand on your shoulder’ when you need someone the most. But best of all, after reading her book, I believe you yourself can be your own support and guide, and the liberty that comes from knowing you have that mental companion in yourself to stay so strong is invaluable.