Fertility Network UK is funded through thousands of individual donors across the UK and Corporate partnerships with fertility companies. We also receive some limited statutory funding in Scotland and Northern Ireland, but not in England or Wales.

We work closely with major donors to align funding to their programmes of interest. The charity can support you and make sure your donation has the maximum impact on people going through fertility treatment.

Our charitable turnover is £540,000 a year, and yet we our work reaches

  • 754,955 people a year through Facebook
  • 500,429 a year through our website
  • 1,040,160 a year through Instagram
  • 2,296,879 people a year through Twitter
  • 16,000 people a year access our online community, with 68,000 lifetime members.
  • 5,000 a year through our telephone helpline.
  • 33 peer to peer support groups, with 1141 members

Why support FNUK?

1 in 6 couples struggle to conceive. From Fertility Network’s 2016 survey The Impact of Fertility Problems, out of the sample, 90% said they had experienced depression due to their fertility problems. We understand the widespread impact of infertility. Individuals can be affected physically, emotionally, socially and financially. Family, friends, relationships and work can all suffer. Feelings of depression, sadness, frustration, anger, helplessness and isolation are all common.

At FNUK, we keep our overhead costs to a minimum, out of our team of 13 staff and 370 volunteers, two staff members are based in our Head Office in London. The rest of our team work from home to maximise our presence in the localities in which we work and save costs, as well as our carbon footprint. We make sure as much of our funding as possible is directed to frontline charitable activities, and we have an economical management structure. We are a high-profile charity with a huge credibility due to our staff and volunteer’s professionalism.

Fast facts about FNUK:

  • We are the only patient support charity for people at all stages of fertility issues across the UK. We are entirely impartial, confidential, and committed to being a voice for patients.
  • Over 370 people a year affected by fertility volunteer to deliver our programmes and are active and ongoing volunteers.
  • We were established in 2003, and were named Best Fertility Support Service by the Social Care Awards in 2018.

Getting involved in our work as a major donor.

If you are interested in donating and becoming part of Fertility Network UK’s Fertility Circle, FNUK’s major donor giving programme, please contact our ce@fertilitynetworkuk.org