Walk in Our Shoes

Walk in Our Shoes is a website created for and by men and women who are childless not by choice.  By sharing a photo of their own shoes and telling a story about their experiences they invite you into their world and help you realise that you are not alone.

“Christmas often finds me at work. I’m a fireman and if there’s work going I’d take it and any extra shifts I could to avoid anything festive.

I am infertile. I found out after my wife and I went for investigations. We tried to save up for IVF as the PCT doesn’t offer it here and in any case she already has a daughter so we wouldn’t have qualified. She was a teacher and neither of us earned enough really. We scraped enough for one cycle of ICSI but we lost the pregnancy a week before Christmas, five years ago at 13 weeks. A year later our marriage had ended even though we had been through therapy so you can only guess how I felt about Christmas…”

Read the rest of Spike’s story here.


Founder of Walk in Our Shoes, Berenice, has also set up a closed Facebook group with a difference. One of the only ones of its kind the Walking Forward Inspirational Network is a networking/business focussed/inspirational community of men and women who are childless not by choice. With motivational posts, requests for help and offers of support it really is a positive and empowering group to be in.