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Southend slashes NHS IVF; Essex the UK’s IVF black spot

Southend has cut the number of NHS IVF cycles it offers from 2 to just 1 partial cycle and removed NHS IVF for women over 40

40th Anniversary of IVF Success

National Fertility Awareness Week 30 Oct -5 Nov 2017

Swindon CCG slashes NHS IVF

Swindon CCG has cut the number of NHS IVF cycles it offers from 3 to 1 partial cycle, effective from 1 April 2017

Gaps in UK fertility treatment push patients abroad

A joint survey between Fertility Clinics Abroad and Fertility Network UK reveals drivers for seeking IVF overseas

Cheshire CCGs slash NHS IVF

West, East and South Cheshire and Vale Royal CCGs have cut NHS IVF effective from 28 April. The cuts affect existing patients as well as new referrals.

Fertility Network UK responds to IVF industry investigation

We urge patients concerned about any of the issues raised in this investigation to contact the charity for support and advice

Let down: lack of support for fertility patients before, during and after treatment

Counselling for fertility problems can be a life saver yet only a minority of people affected do receive counselling and the majority of these have to fund some of it themselves

Gold standard: Scotland the first country to provide 3 NHS-funded IVF cycles for all eligible couples

In Scotland, the number of available NHS-funded IVF cycles will be increased from two to three from 1 April 2017, for all new referrals who meet the eligibility criteria

Croydon 5th CCG to decommission NHS IVF; completely disregards public opinion

Fertility Network encourages everyone affected by Croydon CCG's cuts to join our day of action on March 25

Closure of fertility unit in Hartlepool detrimental to patients

The proposed closure of the assisted reproduction unit at the University Hospital of Hartlepool will have a damaging effect on an already stressed and struggling group of patients, warns leading patient fertility charity Fertility Network UK.

Ipswich and East Suffolk to keep NHS IVF

You can make a difference: incredible feedback from public persuades Ipswich and East Suffolk CCG to keep NHS IVF.

IVF: the best and worst places to live 2016

Greater Manchester the best place to live in England for NHS fertility treatment;
Essex the worst; ‘unacceptable’ that CCGs do not offer NHS IVF, says Minister

Basildon & Brentwood cuts all NHS IVF

Essex IVF black spot as Basildon & Brentwood cuts all NHS IVF

NHS IVF victory in Bedfordshire welcomed

Positive news on NHS fertility funding in England as Bedfordshire clinical commissioning group decides to keep NHS IVF

Survey on the Impact of Fertility Problems

                It’s National Fertility Awareness Week and leading patient charity Fertility Network UK is revealing the true picture of the impact of fertility struggles in its major new survey, as well as highlighting the real people behind fertility struggles with its #HiddenFaces campaign.…