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Kingston CCG consults on cutting all NHS IVF

Please complete the online survey to stop Kingston CCG decommissioning NHS IVF

Gold standard: Scotland the first country to provide 3 NHS-funded IVF cycles for all eligible couples

In Scotland, the number of available NHS-funded IVF cycles will be increased from two to three from 1 April 2017, for all new referrals who meet the eligibility criteria

The most difficult day of the year?

This Sunday is a day to be avoided for many struggling with fertility issues. Here are some thoughts to help you through Mother's Day

Croydon 5th CCG to decommission NHS IVF; completely disregards public opinion

Fertility Network encourages everyone affected by Croydon CCG's cuts to join our day of action on March 25

Croydon decommissions NHS IVF

Croydon is stopping NHS IVF - despite overwhelmingly public opposition

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough plans to stop NHS IVF

Please respond to the consultation to stop these cuts; patient power can make the difference

Patient day of action 25 March 2017

Make a difference: Fertility Network UK patient day of action Saturday 25 March 2017

Email, post and tweet #IVFx3 #TellyourMP #Therighttotry

Wirral health bosses to cut NHS IVF

Wirral CCG is to cut the number of NHS IVF cycles it offers from 3 to 2

The Pants Project: Valentine’s night party

Fancy something different for Valentine's Night? Join the Pants Project for a night of live music, pink champagne and canapes to raise funds and awareness for those facing fertility problems.