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Press Releases

July 2018

Press release: IVF is 40 – IVF miraculous but risks ahead around fair access for all

March 2018

Press statement: Shattering myths about IVF, fertility and age; Fertility Network UK responds to the HFEA’s Fertility Trends report 2014-2016

Press release: Fertility Fairness Bath & North East Somerset restricts NHS IVF

Feb 2018

Press release Fertility Fairness: Southend slashes NHS IVF; Essex UK’s IVF black spot

Press statement: Impact of cuts to NHS IVF on multiple pregnancies

Press statement: Ibuprofen and future female fertility

January 2018

Press statement: Proposed cuts to NHS IVF in Lancashire and South Cumbria

November 2017

Press release: Male infertility is emasculating, its treatment one-sided and insensitive and emotional support is lacking, first qualitative survey of men’s experiences of fertility problems finds

Survey: men’s experiences of infertility

Press release: #FertilityCycle Brighton

October 2017

Press release Fertility Fairness: Number of CCGs offering 3 IVF cycles halves since 2013

Fertility Fairness: 2017 League Table of the best and worst CCGs in England in terms of provision of NHS IVF

Fertility Fairness: Provision of NHS IVF 2017 Infographic

Fertility Fairness: Provision of NHS IVF 2017 Report

Press release: National Fertility Awareness Week 2017 is here

Press Release: National Fertility Awareness One Week To Go

Press Release: #IVFis40

September 2017

Press Release: Fertility Fairness Cambridgeshire Peterborough CCG suspends NHS IVF

August 2017

Press Release: Fertility Fairness N Ireland IVF deferral plans

July 2017

Press Release: Same Sex Online Fertility Group

June 2017

Press Release: 2017: 40th Anniversary of IVF Success

May 2017

Press Release: Fertility Fairness – Cheshire CCGs cut NHS IVF

Press Release: Fertility Network UK responds to IVF industry investigation

April 2017

Press Release: Let down, a lack of fertility counselling support

March 2017

Press Release: Gold Standard Scotland moves to 3 NHS IVF cycles

Press Release: Fertility Fairness – Croydon 5th CCG to decommission NHS IVF

Press Release: Cambridgeshire & Peterborough plan to cut NHS IVF

February 2017

Press Release: Fertility Network UK Patient Day of Action

January 2017

Press Release: Ipswich and East Suffolk keep NHS IVF

December 2016

Press Release: Unacceptable for fertility patients to be denied medical help

Press Release: The Pants Project

Press Release: Fertility Fairness – Greater Manchester the best place to live in England for NHS fertility treatment

Press Release: Fertility Fairness – Political Briefing 2016

November 2016

Press Release: NHS IVF victory in Bedfordshire welcomed

Press Release: Basildon & Brentwood CCG failing already vulnerable distressed patients

Press Release: Essex NHS IVF blackspot

October 2016

Press Release: Survey on impact of fertility problems