Full funding of IVF treatment would lower rates of multiple pregnancies – Fertility Network UK responds

Fertility network statement on RCOG paper on full funding of IVF and multiple pregnancies

Commenting on the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists’ paper highlighting full funding of IVF treatment would lower rates of multiple pregnancies, Aileen Feeney, chief executive of national patient charity Fertility Network UK said: ‘For couples experiencing years of heartbreak in their struggle to have children, the decision to choose a single embryo transfer rather than a multiple embryo transfer can be a very tough one which is made even more difficult if they are facing the financially-crippling costs of private IVF treatment. Multiple pregnancies in the UK, with their health risks to mother and baby, and long-term costs to the NHS, will not fall until the Government commits to funding the nationally recommended 3 full IVF cycles. Our research last year, with Fertility Clinics Abroad, shows the lack of UK state funding for fertility treatment is the key reason why infertile couples travel overseas for fertility treatment; however, different regulations overseas relating to the number of embryos that can be transferred means there is a greater likelihood of multiple pregnancies – and an associated bill for the NHS.’