FIV Marbella

“You can have a child, naturally”

FIV Marbella represents new concept of fertility clinic, a multidisciplinary group of professionals united with one aim, to achieve your maternity.

Formed by a team that brings together medical professionals with over 20 years’ experience in Assisted Reproduction with highly trained embryologists with an international working career in countries like Spain, Italy and the United States, with extensive experience in infertility treatment. FIV Marbella also has a nursing team and a specialized international department with experience in reproductive medicine, which will guide you whatever their nationality.

Its Patient Care department can arrange your travel and your stay in Marbella, combining leisure and holidays so that the completion of treatment does not involve any change in your daily lives or work. This is a professional unique service in Spain.

 Why choose FIV Marbella?

  1. Because it has the tools to deal with all types of infertility problems, from the simple and natural treatments to the most complex and advanced, pioneering in Spain to fulfill your dream of motherhood.
  2. Its philosophy is based on clarity, simplicity and humanity to give the best service, not only therapeutically but also personally. FIV Marbella understands the difficulties for a woman or couple to decide to have a child, so FIV Marbella maintains a direct and personal contact with its patients throughout their treatment to achieve the desired pregnancy.
  3. FIV Marbella has technology and equipment unique in Spain and other European countries. This technology and protocols come from the hand of its clinical director Enrique Criado Scholz, who has implemented the best techniques based on his extensive career as a clinical embryologist not only in Spain and Italy but in America too, from where he has imported protocols that make FIV Marbella different.
  4. It is the fusion of the technology FIV Marbella offers, its highly qualified staff, the protocols it follows in the laboratory and its humane treatment that gives you the confidence that you’ll get the treatment you need.