Friend Partner – since 2017

At BIOMATERNITY we understand the emotional rollercoaster your fertility journey can take you on and the dreams you have… that’s why we’re here for you every step of the way. Start your journey with us today by simply sending us an email quoting ‘Fertility Network UK’ and you will get a free consultation.

Based in Athens, Greece, BIOMATERNITY is an accomplished clinic offering several types of medical treatment designed to result in pregnancy. At BIOMATERNITY, numerous specialised and therapeutic techniques of infertility treatment and high-tech laboratory equipment are employed to achieve this.

The cutting-edge clinic is constantly investing in new technologies and medical innovations to further build on success rates. The team at BIOMATERNITY understands that each and every individual is unique and therefore treatment must be customised accordingly. All of the professional and dedicated staff members at BIOMATERNITY pride themselves on placing the patient at the heart of everything they do and applying quality control processes at every step of the fertility journey.