Support Groups

Support groups offer a chance to meet up (face-to-face or online), chat and share experiences with others who are also trying to conceive.

Our support groups offer a space to share your journey and listen to others’ experiences, and provide mutual peer support and an opportunity to learn from others. You can participate as much, or as little, as you wish. If you prefer to listen rather than share your own story, that’s fine. There is no pressure to talk if you prefer not to. A support group can be informal – taking place in someone’s home or in a café, or more formal at a fertility clinic with professional guest speakers. Some support groups are women only, others for partners too. Most support groups meet on a monthly basis for a couple of hours in the evening. Some of our groups are online so you don’t even need to leave home.

The support groups are divided into different categories: peer-led groups run by patients, volunteers or staff, and meetings that are facilitated at fertility clinics.

There are also some other groups which are run by people who have businesses in the fertility field. We have included these in the listings, but they are added separately at the end of each of the areas.

How do I find a local support group?

There are support groups running across the UK. Choose your country from the links on the right hand side and have a look through the list to see if there is one near you. If you come across any areas where we don’t have any support groups listed, please get in touch. If a group does not exist in your area then you might be interested in attending our monthly online support group. For more information contact us. 

Want to set up a local support group?

Why not become a support group volunteer and help provide support to others in your area? We can help you set up a local group, provide training and promote meetings for you. Contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator for more details.