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The Fertility Podcast  was launched in 2014, by Natalie Silverman, a former Heart Radio presenter broadcaster with over a decade of experience. Once successfully pregnant after fertility treatment, Natalie decided to create a dedicated voice to fertility issues, having found predominately American content available apart from when the topic of IVF was discussed on BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour . Published weekly, The Fertility Podcast has a global audience and has had almost 100,000 downloads available on iTunes Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, TuneIn Radio, Spreaker and Acast, Amazon Alexa and Google Home Speaker.

With over 100 episodes published the Fertility Podcast continues to speak to leading fertility experts around the world as well as sharing real stories of those still trying to start a family and others who have completed theirs or have decided to live a life involuntarily childless. Having gone through ICSI to have her first child, and witness first hand how male infertility affected her husband, Natalie is keen to raise awareness of Male Infertility.