Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy is one that implants outside the endometrial cavity of the uterus. Most commonly the pregnancy grows in the fallopian tube, but occasionally an embryo can implant on an ovary or elsewhere in the abdominal cavity. These pregnancies are not viable and need removing as a matter of urgency, as they present a considerable risk to the woman’s health. They are often difficult to diagnose, as signs and symptoms can mimic many other gynaecological problems such as intermittent lower abdominal pain and/or abnormal vaginal bleeding.

Anyone who conceives an ectopic pregnancy can find the experience quite devastating as it often represents the loss of a much wanted baby, a fact that medical staff may be slow to appreciate as dealing with the medical emergency is their priority. Counselling and support may help you come to terms with feelings of sadness, anger and guilt which are common emotions in this situation. It is important to realise that grieving in itself is a vital part of the healing process and a normal reaction to such a loss.