Complementary & Alternative Medicine

The aim of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is to enhance the chances of natural conception or to act as a safe support in the process of assisted conception.

In terms of improving reproductive health, practitioners work from the basis that stress may create pressure on the systems that are vital to fertility. Reduction in the effects of stress is one of the most recognised benefits of CAM and regardless of any particular claims of any of the treatments, greater balance can be gained by the relaxing nature of most therapies.

If you are considering using alternative therapies, contact the professional body that regulates the particular therapy you are interested in (see our useful links section).  All therapists listed by their professional body will be qualified to an acceptable level and will also hold valid insurance cover.

Take the details of more than one therapist in your area and contact them to see if they have experience in reproductive health and fertility.  You should also confirm the length of treatment, price and any other details.

Make sure you check the qualifications, credentials or affiliations to regulatory bodies of all therapies before you proceed, not just if they have experience.