Stress & Infertility

In our busy lives we are all vulnerable to stress-related disorders. You have only to look around any meeting, supermarket, office or staff room to see people in various stages of stress and tension. Most people do not even realise it, but signs like foot tapping, clenched hands or teeth, furrowed brows and so on are common.

The plight of those with fertility problems who are under stress does not often hit the headlines, but through no fault of their own, people with fertility problems find themselves caught in a vicious circle. Do they have fertility issues because they are stressed, or are they stressed because they have fertility issues?

We all need a certain amount of stress in our lives or life would be dull, but it is how much stress and how we cope with it that is important. It is necessary to know ourselves and our limitations and not constantly overstretch ourselves. We all have a stress threshold.