The Politics of Infertility

1 Nov 2017 Cromwell Green, st margaret street, westminster, London

“Infertility is a recognised medical issue faced by thousands of people in the UK, yet treatment for this issue is increasingly being given only to those who can afford it. If we do not act now we will soon be faced with a two-tier system of those who can and those who can’t afford the right to try.”

November 1st  17.00-18.30 Committee Room 12

(The visitors entrance at Cromwell Green)

Directions can be found at the link below –  Cromwell Green is shown as number 8:

Welcome by Sylvia Shearer, Chair of Fertility Network UK

Panel speakers:

  • Peter Thompson from the HFEA
  • Paula Sherriff MP • Richard Clothier – patient campaigner
  • Sarah Norcross – Fertility Fairness
  • Rebecca Manson Jones – founding member and Candidate for Women’s Equality Party
  • Geeta Nargund – Director Create fertility clinics


This event is now full so we are no longer taking bookings.