Liverpool Fertility Support Group

11 Oct 2018 The Hewitt Fertility Centre, Liverpool, Crown Street, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Our next fertility support group meeting will be held on Thursday 12th July, from 6pm – 8pm. If the weather stays like this, dress accordingly – that meeting room gets a bit warm!

This month we’ll be joined by a member of staff from Nugent Adoption, along with one of their adopters. Nugent have been to the group a couple of times in the past and their talks have always gone down well. It’s bound to be an interesting session, even if adoption isn’t something you’re considering for yourself at the moment.

As always, you can contact our patient reps for anything else you need to know about the group and the private Facebook group they look after. Current active reps are:


For more information please email or the group’s patient reps

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