2018 Webinar Series – Acceptance

23 Jan 2018

Acceptance by Andreia Trigo

Andreia Trigo was diagnosed with infertility at the age of 17. The diagnosis made her question her identity as a woman, self-image, self-worth, her role in a relationship, in family and in society. Using logotherapy and neurolinguistic programming, Andreia was able to create perspective, find meaning and live a fulfilling life despite the suffering. It has been her life mission ever since to help other people achieve the same. Andreia is the founder of inFertile Life, author, nurse and was recently awarded NLP Coach of the Year 2017

This, our first webinar of the year, will be dedicated to the theme of Acceptance. We’ll be talking about the importance of reaching acceptance after infertility. This process can be challenging and happens in each person’s own time. We’ll share some tips that can help you move towards having emotional peace with your reproductive history.

Find out more about Andreia at www.infertile-life.com

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2018 Webinar Series