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Wa-Hoo! Donor Dad and Donor Mum by Jonathon Shipton Review

With not many children’s books about donor conception, this might be a helpful story for heterosexual parents of sperm donor conceived children to look at with their offspring. There are some nice turns of phrase about babies in general, and my daughter liked the illustrations and small hand held size of the book. However, the depiction of the donor conception process was very limited and didn’t reflect any diversity around the process. My daughter, for example, was conceived via donor sperm in the context of a single parent family so this particular narrative was not relatable for her; and there are plenty of same sex couples using sperm and egg donation. Not that one book can represent every experience but the narrative here was really narrow rather than allowing for the possibility of other kinds of family set ups. There is a heavy emphasis on mum & dad roles in the book & the donor is referred to as ‘donor dad’ which some parents – myself included – might find problematic. Overall this was a disappointing read & the journey for meaningful material my daughter can relate to continues!

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